Once December hits, Christmas music starts blasting from any and every stereo in arms length of Mrs. DJ Spencer Lee AKA AK Shopgirl. It’s enough to make me want to want to stuff wrapping paper in my ears. Here are a couple mixes I employ to help spice up the rotation of Pandora Christmas and Magic 98.9’s holiday playlist.

DJ Ross One and Harley Viera-Newton drop a Christmas-themed follow up to their stellar Homefriends mix. It’s an hour plus of holiday-themed jams and the coolest versions of the classics.

I met Jules Gayton during a trip to Honolulu. He’s an OG Stussy head and was involved with their store over there as well as his own boutique, Leilow (since closed). Before moving to Hawaii, he was a DJ in New York City and was fun to talk about records with. This mix of his from 98-99 has some great reggae, soul and funk holiday tracks of the non-traditional variety for when you want to shake things up.